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December 7, 2017

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I was born in Port Lincoln on December 2, 1998 to my parents Sue and Greg (I have a younger sister Alice). I am very thankful to have been brought up in a loving home with such a supportive family. Growing up my family were right into camping and travelling so I was fortunate enough to see Australia through a variety of long road trips sometimes being up to three months at a time.

They definitely caused a fair share of family arguments being stuck in a caravan for such long periods. However seeing what our amazing country has to offer at such a young age makes me excited to one day re visit some of these places.

I enjoy being outdoors and getting to the beach as often as possible. Although seeing some amazing beaches around the country, nothing compares to what we have right on our doorstep here in Port Lincoln. I won’t name the secret spots but we sure do live in an amazing place when the weather is right.

I completed my final years of schooling at Port Lincoln High School and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there. The teachers were excellent and were willing to go out of their way to help if you had intentions for succeeding no matter whether you were a top academic student or just trying to complete your studies.

LIFT: Charlie van den Broek performing an Olympic lift called the “snatch”, which is a movement blending strength, technique, coordination, speed and accuracy.

Throughout school I never really knew what I wanted to do except be active and play sport like many teenagers! This was the case until year 12 where I was mentored by the owner of Crossfit Port Lincoln, Guy Bagshaw. At the time I was attending his gym as well as working on my Certificate 3 in Fitness as an extra school subject where he was the lecturer.

He had so much passion for health and fitness and I learnt so much from him about keeping the body and mind healthy. The community he had at the gym was something I loved being a part of, when I completed my fitness certificate I was over the moon to be offered a coaching role at Crossfit Port Lincoln. I love my job. Waking up at 4.45am is easy because I am doing something I love to do. Every day I get to help and see people become better at chasing a better version of themselves.

Whether that be the 13 year old teenager wanting to become stronger and faster to further develop their sport abilities or the 80 year old grandparent looking for improved functional capacity in their everyday life. I have learnt that exercise and good, simple nutrition are the keys to longevity in life and seeing the members at Crossfit Port Lincoln live healthy, happy and productive lives is a true testament to this.

OUTDOORS: Charlie van den Broek and partner Bree Lutt enjoying some of the local surroundings

Just recently I have begun personal training and provide one on one coaching to clients. I thoroughly enjoy helping people from all demographics in the pursuit of healthier and happier lives. What we do is universally scalable to one’s ability level and it really is for anyone that’s looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

If you or someone you know needs a hand with their health don’t hesitate to get into contact! Seeing someone I work with and their hard work pay off really makes me feel like I am doing a good thing. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to help others in this role as it makes me feel as though I am having a positive influence on the local communities health.

People often remind me that it is unusual for someone to be in a job, straight out of school which they enjoy so much.

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